Marc Jacobs' Spring 2024: A Dollhouse Delight with Exaggerated Mary Janes and More

For his 40th-anniversary collection, Marc Jacobs brought a playful, larger-than-life spirit to the runway at New York Fashion Week. Following his focus on ballet flats last season, Jacobs crowned Spring 2024 with the Mary Jane pump, reimagined in whimsical and whimsical ways.

Think doll-like proportions: bouffant hair, voluminous dresses, and of course, the star of the show – the Mary Jane pump. Seen on nearly every model, it featured a quirky twist: a ballooned toe box, a chunky sculpted heel, and an oversized gold buckle. Leather, satin, and an array of colors – black, light pink, tan, off-white, and even gold – added variety to this playful footwear statement.

But the Mary Janes weren’t the only showstoppers. Dress Oxfords joined the party, sporting an elongated toe box in black, white, and even a dazzling gold version adorned with jewels.

For those seeking skyscraper views, Jacobs offered platform boots inspired by New York’s work boot staple, reimagined in a chic beige colorway. And for a touch of edge, combat boots stomped down the runway, featuring the same playful toe box as the Mary Janes, paired with an oversized, angular lug sole that extended beyond the heel. The boots also boasted a unique open-ankle detail, with the top folded over the foot.

The extraordinary didn’t stop there. The runway itself served as a giant art installation, featuring a large-scale sculpture of American artist Robert Therrien’s “No Title (folding table and chairs, beige)”. And the tone was set by Jacobs’ show notes titled “Wonder”.

“My love for the commonplace is a constant and meaningful lifelong affair,” Jacobs wrote. “Through the unavoidable lens of time, my glass remains full of wonder and reflection. By examining the memorable and the mundane, we abstract and exaggerate with a disorienting familiarity in our desire to express something naïve and elegant.”

This collection is a testament to Jacobs’ playful spirit and his ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, leaving us with a lingering sense of wonder and delight.

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