Strolling the Las Vegas Strip in Style: Rollasole's Chic Vending Machine Solution

Exploring the lively Las Vegas Strip is undoubtedly an adventure, but the magic can quickly wane when uncomfortable shoes take center stage. High heels, while enchanting, may not endure the Strip’s demands. That’s where Ashley Ross, a visionary Las Vegan entrepreneur, steps in. Witnessing barefoot ladies with killer heels in hand, Ross introduced a revolutionary solution in 2011 – Rollasole, rolled flats dispensed from convenient shoe vending machines.

The Vision Behind Rollasole

Ross, recognizing the pain points of wearing heels on the Strip, envisioned a solution. “When you are wearing heels, you can only last a couple of hours, and then you are ready to take them off. After stores are closed, there is nowhere you can go,” she recalled. Acquiring the rights from a UK entrepreneur with a similar idea, Ross became the sole owner in the U.S., opening the first vending machine in 2011.

Convenience Across the Strip

Rollasole now boasts 18 locations across renowned Strip properties, including Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, and Resorts World. The vending machines offer signature black ballet flats for $20, elegantly packaged in a decorative tin can. Accompanying each purchase is an embroidered bag with the slogan “Let the Good Times Roll,” providing a stylish solution for storing uncomfortable shoes.

A Shopping Companion for Every Woman

Rollasole goes beyond vending machines, making comfort and style accessible to women exploring the city. In addition to the vending machines, the brand extends its reach to over a hundred hotel gift shops, ensuring that chic relief is always within reach. Deluxe styles are also available for purchase online, offering a diverse range to suit every taste.

Happy Customers at The Forum Shops

Cheryl Bergthold and Ciera Coyne, delighted shoppers at The Forum Shops at Caesars, expressed their enthusiasm for Rollasole. “It’s a great idea, and they are cute. I would pay the $20 for them – more,” Bergthold remarked. Finally, someone is thinking about women in heels.

Embrace Comfort as You Explore

Rollasole not only provides relief for tired feet but enhances the overall experience of exploring the city. As you stroll down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, consider a pitstop at one of Rollasole’s vending machines. Your feet will thank you for the comfort, and your style won’t miss a beat. The ability to purchase stylish flats from a vending machine adds a unique and convenient touch to every woman’s Las Vegas adventure.

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